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The Brandenburg State Stud at Neustadt (Dosse)

The Brandenburg State Stud at Neustadt (Dosse)

Neustadt State Stud established 225 years ago

The stud in Neustadt (Dosse) located in the State of Brandenburg in Germany can proudly look back on 225 years of tradition in horse breeding and training.The history of the stud has always been a lively one and is closely connected with the history of the State of Brandenburg.

The stud in Neustadt is one of very few state studs in Germany that features a Hauptgestüt (State Breeding Stud – home of the broodmares) in addition to the traditional Landgestüt (State Stallion Depot – home of the breeding stallions).

About 40 elite mares form the foundation for successful breeding of sport horses. In order to be protected from privatisation the stud has become a foundation under public law in 2001.

More information about the organisation and the legal basis of the Brandenburg State Stud can be found here:

Organisational chart

Stud Foundation Constitution,

Statute from 2002 and Statute Amendment from 2008

Aims of the Brandenburg State Stud

The Brandenburg State Stud – A Sanssouci for the horses

The Brandenburg State Stud in Neustadt (Dosse) is one of the biggest in Europe and it forms a centre of sustainable rural development with regional and national impact. The cultural and historical heritage of the stud buildings, erected during the reign of Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm II in 1788, as well as the high reputation of the stud for horse breeding provide an excellent combination for this.