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Stallion Performance Testing Centre

The basis for the performance tests is set by the governmental rules according to the animal breeding law. Stallion performance tests are being conducted since 1978 at the testing centre in Neustadt (Dosse). The centre is one of the most frequently used ones in Germany and is managed by Heiko Brehmer. Each year, three 30-day-tests and one 70-day-test for sport horse stallions, one 30-day-test for pony stallions and three 21-day-tests for broodmares are offered to owners from all over Germany.

You can find the results here .

To apply for one of the performance test, please contact us:

Email: info@neustaedter-gestuete.brandenburg.de or by phone: +49-33970-5029-0

Heiko Brehmer and his team

1st row: Axel Schicketanz, Heiko Brehmer, Susann Göbel

2nd row: Tobias Masur, Lena Feistkorn, Wolfgang Schäl,
Philipp Reiman, Christian Dietrich, Felix Ewald