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State riding and driving school

Our state riding and driving school is the ideal training location for everybody – from beginner to professional, from child to adult – to receive quality training in horse riding, driving or general horsemanship.

The following classes are offered be our FN approved school:

  • Trainer A, B and C riding and driving (including preparation seminars)
  • German riding and driving license (DRA IV, III, II and DFA IV, III)
  • Riding and Show Jumping classes
  • Special driving classes
  • Professional education of all trainees in Brandenburg
  • Seminars offered by external professionals

About 50 different classes and courses are offered throughout the year.

Henning Müller

chief riding instructor

Cell Phone: +49-172-9332420

Katrin Kotenbeutel

riding instructor

Mariola Mann

riding instructor

Rainer Stübing

chief driving instructor

Cell Phone: +49-173-6198425

For booking inquiries please call:

Elvira Krüger

Tel.: +49-33970-5029-215
E-Mail: elvira.krueger@neustaedter-gestuete.brandenburg.de