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Kopfstudie fuchsfarbenes Pferd


German Sport Horse
ein von einer Schlange umwundener Pfeil
DE 457000206303
Mating Type
Frozen semen
Station Neustadt (Dosse)
Stiftung BHLG, Neustadt (Dosse)
Stiftung BHLG, Neustadt (Dosse)
Approved for
German Sport Horse
WFFS Status
Results Stallion Performance Test

HLP I 30-Day Test: rated final score I Total: 8,89; Dressage: 9,14; Jumping: 8,43; HLP for qualifying for the german championship



Quaterman x Brandenburger x Brentano II
Quaterman Quando-Quando Quattro B
Räuberbraut Roccodero B
Passionata Brandenburger Beach Boy
Poesie Brentano II

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Stehendes fuchsfarbenes Pferd mit Reiterin
Landesmeisterin 2015: Anna Weilert mit QUATERBACK
Stehendes fuchsfarbenes Pferd
Quaterback - DSP Elitehengst
DSP Elitehengst Quaterback
Quaterback mit Anna Weilert

Elite stallion Quaterback - among the top 5 of the world's best dressage sires.

Even after his passing, Quaterback's chapter is far from closed, because thanks to frozen semen, his valuable genes continue to be available to our breeders. As a sire, he forms the basis for numerous championship winners and auction tops all over the world. Phenomenal is also the number of his so far licensed sons in almost all breeding areas of the world - 73 alone are registered with the FN. More than 150 state premium and premium mares are sired by Quaterback in the German breeding associations. Quaterback also sets great accents in sport with his offspring. Many of his offspring have qualified for the Bundeschampionat, the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses and national and international championships. Of the 482 offspring registered with the

FN with dressage successes, 106 have achieved victories and placings in advanced dressage at German shows, with many more internationally. Quaterback's oldest offspring are taking off in Grand Prix sport - due in part to the successes of DSP Quantaz, the world number six under Isabell Werth, Pathetique under Dorothee Schneider, Bartlgut's Quebec with Ulrike Prunthaller (Austria), Torveslettens Quattro with Anna Blomgren (Sweden) and Quicksilver with Gaston Chelius (Luxembourg), Quaterback ranks 5th in the WBFSH ranking of the world's best dressage sires. Quaterback's offspring can also show success in other equestrian disciplines. Examples are the event horses Escara GP (CCI3*, Esteban Benitez Valle) and Quite Something (CCI4*, Isabell White) as well as the advanced (S) level winning show jumpers Quinta (Maximillian Benz) and Queen Lathifa K (Lena Neumeister). Through his son Quaterstern, Quaterback was the grandfather of Quidditch S, the most successful German driving horse in 2021, who won team silver and individual bronze at the European Championships in Hungary with Michael Brauchle.

European Championships in Hungary. Quaterback, who like Poetin I, Samba Hit and Belantis descends from the famous Neustadt P-family, is one of the most frequented stallions in Europe. After his outstanding victory at the 2006 Bundeschampionat, he was trained up to advanced level and won numerous titles in advanced dressage under three different riders. Due to his outstanding inherent and hereditary performance, DSP Quaterback was named the first elite stallion of the Süddeutsche AG. And Quaterback will continue to enrich the international equestrian scene with his offspring in the future.


Quaterback v. Quaterman - Brandenburger - Brentano II
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