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Terms and conditions of horse breeding farms of Neustadt subject to the stallion allocation plan for 2020

§1 The foundation »Brandenburgisches Haupt- und Landgestüt Neustadt (Dosse)« (in the following referred to as SBHLG) provides the stallions for covering or insemination in accordance with the names listed in the stallion allocation plan and in accordance with the written announcements displayed on the stations.

The listed comments to the stallion allocation plan form a part of these terms and conditions. In case of using stallions for covering or insemination, these provisions shall be binding and mandatory for the breeder. SBHLG preserves the right to modifications, as published by announcements on the stations or on the website of SBHLG.


§2 By payment of the breeding fee rates, as published by SBHLG, the entitlement for using stallions for insemination, covering or dispatch of fresh semen shall be acquired once for the current breeding season.

SBHLG shall not assume any guarantee that the aforementioned services will result in an effective impregnation of the specific mare. It further shall assume no responsibility, if any delivery of the semen does not arrive or if there is a delay in delivery due to force majeure or due to a fault by the mare owner, veterinarian or transport enterprise.


§3 After choosing the stallion, complying with §2 and making an appointment with the breeding farm director for covering/insemination, the mare can be allocated to the stud. Both the mare´s certificate of pedigree, breeding certificate and the horse passport shall be presented to the breeding farm director.


§4 The breeding farm director is obliged to comply with the following provisions of breeding hygiene.

I. The following are admitted to covering/insemination without requiring any specific veterinarian examination:

-Mares with foals on foot after regular birth,

-Maiden mares, i. e. definitely uncovered or uninseminated mares until the age of 4 years

II. Solely upon presentation of a veterinarian certificate of the clinical examination (rectal, vaginal) and upon bacteriological analysis

(uterine swab test taken 6 weeks or less time before) resulting in the issuance of a document of compliance about the horse’s health status, mares will be

admitted to covering/insemination, that

a.) have not given regular birth (traumatic birth, birth behaviour, disrupted postparturition periode)

b.) remained barren, were bought as barren

c.) have had two failed fertilisations during the estrous cycles in the running breeding period.

It is urgently required to perform these examinations and the uterine swab during an estrous cycle. This examination may also be performed on request on the insemination stations.

A relevant certificate along with the result of the uterine swab shall be presented to the relevant breeding farm director.

III. Mares with sexually transmitted disease, cough, other indications of infectious disease or other epidemic disease are excluded from covering/insemination.


§5 SBHLG shall be entitled to consider general restrictions concerning the mares to be allocated to the individual stallions. Such restrictions will be generally published and shall be taken into consideration by the breeding farm director and the breeder.


§6 The mare owner is granted the option, in case of failed fertilisation during the estrous cycle of the mare and in accordance with the responsible breeding farm director, to use another stallion (at the same amount of the breeding fee) for covering without having to pay another full breeding fee. The breeding fee statements shall be presented by the mare owner for each additional covering as a proof before the responsible breeding farm director. Without presentation of this fee statement the breeding farm director will be entitled to refuse the mare or to raise another breeding fee. When using a second stallion at a higher breeding fee rate, the mare owner shall definitely pay the price difference before the covering by this second stallion.


§7 In case of absence of stallions for equestrian events during particular days of the breeding season, insemination shall be exclusively possible by using frozen semen, if available. Any information about specific features will be given by the insemination station.


The regulations of § 8 shall be solely applicable to covering by frozen semen

§8.1. Purchase orders for frozen semen shall be submitted in time to enable the order processing prior to the individual estrous cycle of the mare.

§8.2. The payment of frozen semen including additionally payable costs for transport containers, delivery and – in the case of delivery outside Germany – veterinary certificate, shall be payable prior to delivery. Delivery shall be rendered by a courier service that will be invoiced separately on account of the principal.

§8.3. The container required for transport is provided by the customer and shall be available at the station in time. Alternatively, a non-returnable container may be sold by the station (current costs: EUR 100.-).

§8. 4. In case of changing to another stallion and at the beginning of a new breeding season, the full fee for frozen semen shall be payable. No discounts shall be applicable.

§8.5. The resale of frozen semen to third parties is prohibited. If you want to resell frozen semen, you definitely need a prior written approval from SBHLG.


§9 There is no eligibility to compensation or reduced payment of the breeding fee, if the mare is not inseminated or if it dies before giving birth to a foal expected in the breeding process, gets injured in an accident or if it becomes unapt for breeding due to any other reasons. The same applies to any other payable costs.


§10 The breeding certificate will be delivered at the end of the year and not prior to full payment of all services rendered by SBHLG.

The mare owner must report any foal birth by presenting the foal birth declaration, which is attached to the breeding certificate, to the responsible breedering association.


§11 SBHLG shall not be liable for any damage or injury to the mares, their owners or their authorised persons, caused by the stallion in the act of covering, by insemination or by any other activity in connection to the covering and shelter of mares in the breeding area, nor for any disease potentially transmitted to the mares and the resulting consequences, and it will not be liable for any damage or injury caused by the mare, its owner or its authorised person in connection to the above-mentioned activities.

This also explicitly excludes any obligation to indemnify under §833 BGB [German Civil Code] and any liability of the breeding farm administration for negligent conduct of the breeding farm owner, of the farm attendants or any other persons who are professionally responsible for the act of covering or animal care for the mares (§278, 831 BGB [German Civil Code]).


§12 The place of fulfilment is the location of the stallions. The court of jurisdiction is the Local Court of Neuruppin.


Foundation »Brandenburgisches Haupt- und Landgestüt Neustadt (Dosse)«, 2 January 2020.

Comments to the stallion allocation plan for 2020

1. The right of modification of the occupation of breeding farms and insemination stations as well as the breeding fee amount is reserved by the foundation „Brandenburgisches Haupt- und Landgestüt Neustadt (Dosse)“.


2. Breeding season

The official breeding season shall begin on 1 March and shall end with the return of the stallions from the stations to the horse breeding farm on 15 July. Any covering, additional covering or insemination will be possible before and after this season solely at the EU insemination station of Neustadt (Dosse) from 31 January 2020 until 31 July 2020 and is subject to prior registration. During this period, inseminations will be conducted only at the central EU insemination station of Neustadt (Dosse).


3. Fees

3.1. Breeding and insemination fee

Except when otherwise stipulated by written announcements on the stations or on the website of the foundation „Brandenburgisches Haupt- und Landgestüt Neustadt (Dosse)“, breeding and insemination fees shall be applicable as directly specified for each stallion.

3.2. Fee discounts

3.2.1. Warmblood mares that were awarded a state premium and such that reached at least 5 ranks from first to third place in sports tournaments, dressage or jumping of class L or 3 ranks from first to third place in eventing of class L, are granted a breeding fee discount of EUR 80.00. State premium mares of draught horse, Haflinger and riding pony breed are granted a breeding fee discount of EUR 30.00. The fulfilment of criteria for the eligibility of breeding fee discounts shall be reported to the breeding farm director upon registration for covering/insemination. Before obtaining the breeding certificate from the breeding farm attendant, the mare owner shall present a relevant proof, by a copy of the certificate of pedigree, a certificate of the breeder association or, in case of sports competition awards, by a computer list extract from FN.

3.2.2. For mares that did not give birth to live foal after previous year’s coverings by stallions of the foundation (veterinarian certificate and previous year’s breeding certificate must be presented) and that will be covered again by stallions of the foundation in the course of 2020 shall be granted a discount of 50% (incl. VAT) of the breeding fee paid in the previous year, regardless of the breed.

3.2.3. For mares that were initially covered or inseminated by a stallion from Neustadt and that have not born any live foal, will receive a credit of the fully paid breeding fee in the following year. When choosing a cheaper stallion, this price difference will not be compensated. This credit of the previous year’s breeding fee refers to the mare, regardless of the owner, and is solely applicable within the following year. In case of stallions, when breeding fees are calculated by splitting, the 2nd rate is payable in case of pregnancy from 1 October. No discount shall be applicable in the event of non-pregnancy.

3.2.4. If a breeder/owner brings several mares for covering/insemination, he or she shall pay the full breeding fee amount for the first warmblood mare, 50.00 € less from the second warmblood mare and 30.00 € less from the second coldblood, riding pony or Haflinger.

In consideration of the discounts listed, only one discount may be granted per mare within one year! There is no right to the payout of discounts! Discounts of any other type shall solely be applicable, if they exist in written form.

3.4. Other fees

3.4.1. Veterinarian examination fees arising in connection with the insemination will be invoiced directly by the veterinarian to the mare owner.

3.4.2. For the insemination of mares with stallions of another station on the insemination station of Neustadt (Dosse) and Krumke a fee of EUR 70.00 (incl. VAT) for fresh semen and a fee of EUR 140.00 (incl. VAT) for frozen semen shall be payable.


3.4.3. Shelter costs for mares for insemination on the station of Neustadt shall be (incl. VAT) per day:

Small mares 9.00 € Tall mares without foals 11.00 € Tall mares with foals 13.00 €

Mares sheltered on the regional or main horse breeding farm shall be picked up again after insemination or covering due to lack of space. If a mare has not been picked up within 4 days after successful pregnancy diagnosis, shelter costs shall be doubled. Deliveries of horses and appointments for the examination of mares can be arranged for the period from Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 11 am and from 2 pm to 3 pm, and from 9 am to 11 am on Saturdays. Any appointments beyond this period shall be arranged exclusively upon agreement with the station’s personnel.

3.4.4. For the semen transport of the horse breeding farm (to Neustadt (Dosse), Krumke, Steinberg, Stappenbeck) the breeder is invoiced a lump-sum fee of EUR 25.00 for three estrous cycles per year per mare.

3.5. In the event of death or disease or infertility of a stallion, the previously paid breeding fee will not be paid back, but converted into an equivalent voucher that can be used for another stallion of the foundation „Brandenburgisches Haupt- und Landgestüt Neustadt (Dosse)“.

3.6. The stallions are registered with the horse breeder association of Brandenburg-Anhalt on an updated basis for the breeding year of 2020. Any stallions additionally ranked for breeding by other breeder associations will not be automatically updated there. Breeders may have to pay higher fees in this case.


4. Order and delivery of semen

The required semen must be requested on weekdays until 09.30 am and on Saturdays until 08.30 am

4.1. According to legal provisions in Germany, semen is exclusively permitted for delivery to breeders for the insemination of mares owned by this breeder and to other insemination stations. Semen may also be delivered to the address of any veterinarian named by the breeder, however, semen may solely be used for the insemination of mares owned by this breeder. The provisions of breeder associations shall be fulfilled by the mare owner. Any occurring freight and veterinarian costs shall basically be borne by the mare owner. A maximum of three semen portions shall be delivered per estrous cycle.

4.2. The following information must be included in a purchase order for semen: (if this information is incomplete, no dispatch of semen will be possible) requested stallion, name and full address of mare owner, breeder association to be informed of the insemination, shipping address, information about the mare (name, equine life number and pedigree) and the annotation, if the mare is determined to be used for embryo transfer.

4.3. Pick-up will be possible upon agreement from Mondays to Fridays. If the semen is dispatched by a transport enterprise, delivery will be made on the following day (from Tuesdays until Saturday mornings). The price per shipping unit will be 30.00 € in case of delivery on working days in Germany and upon agreement in case of delivery on Sundays. Costs and risks shall be borne by the mare owner. International delivery shall be made solely from Mondays to Fridays with individual prices on request.

4.3. Breeding certificate

The relevant breeding certificates shall be obtained from the breeder association at the beginning of the breeding season and shall be immediately presented to the supporting breeding station. Please make sure to send us the breeding certificates immediately!


5. Embryo transfer

Prior to the first insemination or purchase order of semen, the breeder covenants to indicate that an embryo transfer shall be conducted. The embryo transfer shall be documented by the veterinarian filling the attached form which shall be transmitted promptly to the horse breeding farm. In case of successful embryo transfer, a veterinarian certificate of the mare´s non-pregnancy shall be presented. If the donating mare is inseminated again after embryo transfer, the breeding fee shall be payable again. In the event of non-pregnancy, resorption or miscarriage of the donating or receiving mare the conditions mentioned under 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 shall apply.



If a breeder wants to pair a mare with a WFFS-positive stallion, it is mandatory to present a negative WFFS test result for the mare beforehand. Mares that were not tested or that had a positive WFFS test result shall not be paired with any positively tested stallion. Upon presentation of a negative test result and the invoice issued by the examining clinical laboratory, the breeder will receive a single discount on the breeding fee at the amount of laboratory costs for the WFFS examination.


Foundation „Brandenburgisches Haupt- und Landgestüt Neustadt (Dosse)“, 2 January 2020